Steroids Use: The Difference Between Remarkable Results And Health Complications

Steroids cause mixed reactions among individuals and athletes as a result of their different experiences. To some athletes, steroids offer the quickest and easiest way to stronger, attractive body while to others steroids are short-term remedies with health risks. While both opinions are varied, it is important to note that the difference between the steroid being a health risk and a catalyst for a strong body is the steroid cycle. When properly used, steroids can help you get the best of you but when overused, they can cause major health complications depending on the level of abuse as well as the power of specific steroid.

What you should know when choosing a steroids cycle

Before you can start using steroids, there are three things that you must consider first. You must understand the different types of steroids including varieties and the purpose that they serve. Some steroids are good for weight gain while others are good for weight loss and thus, it is your duty to ensure that you clearly understand what is available on the market and what serves the purpose you want. There are also some that work best when cycled with others. Once you understand the types of steroids and their purpose, you should then come up with a probable list of steroids that you can use.

You should also not start using the steroid before you know your body. Different individuals react differently to the same steroid and even physical exercises and thus, you must first understand your body better before you can start using the steroid. For example, if your body reacts positively to exercises, you may find a milder steroid as the best option to help you attain your goal but if exercises do not offer you noticeable results, you may consider stronger options. Knowing your body will help you come up with the list of the most ideal steroids as well as the most effective cycle. Your choice of steroid may also be influenced by your workout plan as well as your diet.

The third aspect to an effective steroid use is the steroid cycle. The right steroid cycle depends on your body, goals and the specific steroid. Basically, the steroid cycles can be described as performance enhancing, mass gain and cutting cycles. The performance-enhancing cycles are ideal for non-bodybuilding athletes who are not interested in gaining muscles but improving their performance. The best options for performance are those that encourage an increase in red blood cells.

The mass cycles are popular with bodybuilders or individuals looking to gain weight. The best options for mass gain are those that have high anabolic and androgenic effects. When it comes to weight gain cycle, you must understand that some steroids offer immediate results that are usually not long lasting while other steroids take time before you can start noticing results but once the results are noticeable they are long-lasting. Some athletes usually combine steroids that offer immediate results and those that offer long-lasting effects for better results.


When you think about using a certain steroid, you should also think about an effective post-cycle therapy to eliminate the negative aspects of using steroids.